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Implementation of Electronic receipt of EMD and Cost of tender paper

The state government has introduced rules and procedures for electronic receipt, accounting and reporting of the receipt of Cost of Tender paper and Ernest Money Deposit on submission of Bids through the e-procurement portal of Govt of Odisha ie  . 

The Works Department Govt of Odisha has issued office memorandum vide file no 17254 dated 05.12.2017 regarding Electronic Receipt, Accounting and Reporting of Cost of Tender Paper  and EMD on submission of bids. Click here for the said O.M.

Only those bidders who successfully remit their Cost of tender paper and EMD on submission of bids would be eligible to participate in the tender/bid process.

The Earnest Money Deposit on submission/cancellation of bids will be refunded to respective bidders accounts as per direction received from TIA through e‐procurement system from time to time.

In the Technical Evaluation process, the EMD of rejected bidder will be refunded to the account from where the money has been debited. TIAs’ are requested to upload the Technical evaluation summary sheet to complete the Technical evaluation process.

After Financial evaluation, the EMD of other than L1 and L2 bidder (or as the case may be such as decision of preferred bidder through lottery system etc.) will be credited to their respective account as per instructions received from TIA through e Procurement portal. TIAs’ are requested to upload the Financial evaluation summary sheet to complete the Financial evaluation process.

After signing of Agreement with the preferred Bidder by the concerned Authority on submission of required ISD (as per OPWD guide line) in the specified financial format and on uploading of the fact of award of contract (AOC) by the TIA in the e‐Procurement portal, the EMD of L1 & L2 bidder (or as the case may be) will be refunded to their respective account as per the instructions received from TIA through e‐Procurement portal. The AOC letter should be uploaded in the portal in AOC process to complete the e‐Tendering process.

For the tenders invited by Chief Engineers and Superintending Engineers copy of the letter of award should be submitted by the divisions through E-Mail to the Tender Inviting Authority for uploding the same in the e-procurement portal for completion of the tender process.


Powers to accord Administrative Approval (para 6.3.1)


Engineer-in-ChiefChief Engineer Superintending Engineer Executive Engineer
Non Res BuildingRs 600 lakhsRs. 400 lakhs   ---   ---
Res BuildingRs. 400 lakhsRs. 300 lakhs   ---   ---
Irrigation WorksRs. 1000 LakhsRs. 600 lakhsRs. 15 lakhs   ---
CommunicationRs. 1000 lakhs Rs. 600 lakhsRs. 15 lakhs   ---
Flood Control, Draiange, Anti Water Logging and Anti-ScacrosianRs. 1000 lakhsRs. 600 lakhsRs.  5  lakhs   ---
Public Health WorksRs.600 lakhsRs.400 lakhsRs.15 lakhs   ---
ElectricityRs.600 lakhsRs.400 lakhsRs.15 lakhsRs.0.50 lakhs
Deposit, Contribution Worksfull powerfull powerRs.20 lakhs   ---
Sanitary and Water supply to non -Residential  buildingRs.60 lakhsRs.40 lakhsRs.10 lakhs   ---
Sanitary and Water supply to Residential  buildingRs.20 lakhsRs.15 lakhsRs.5 lakhs   ---
Electrical Installation to Non Residential BuildingRs.60 lakhsRs.40 lakhsRs.10 lakhs   ---
Electrical Installation to Residential BuildingRs.20 lakhsRs.15 lakhsRs.5 lakhs   ---
Rural Water Supply WorksRs.600 lakhsRs.400 lakhs   ---   ---
Other ItemsRs.20 lakhsRs.15 lakhs   ---   ---



Although utmost care has been taken in posting the facts/circulars/data at this website, the owner of the website does not claim for its accuracy at any level. User are requested to verify them  from relevant clause/codes before using them for official purpose. Also requested to inform me regarding any omission or errors.  - Nitish


Tender Finalisation Power(Para 6.3.15)

Competent AuthorityTender Finalisation power.
Admin Department< Rs. 10.00 crore where there is no post of EIC
E.I.C.< Rs. 7.00 crore where there is no post of EIC
Chief Engineer< Rs. 5 crore and upto Rs.7.00 crore
Superintending Engineer< Rs.1.00 crore and upto  Rs.5.00 crore
Executive EngineerUpto Rs. 1.00 crore


Financial limit for class of contractors

As per OM 10627/W-09.09.2014

{A contractor having license for a particular class can offer tender meant for the next below class also.}

Class         Amount
super      Unlimited
Special  < Rs 10 crore
A class  < Rs 04 crore
B class  < Rs 01 crore
C class  <  Rs 40 Lakh
D class  < Rs. 20 Lakh


Cost of tender paper

Tender costing uptoCOTP
Rs. 10,000Rs. 200/-
Rs. 10,000-1 lakhRs. 400/-
Rs. 1 to 2 lakhRs. 600/-
Rs. 2-5 lakhRs. 2,000/-
Rs. 5-10 lakhRs. 4,000/-
Rs. 10-50 lakhRs. 6,000/-
more than Rs.50 lakh Rs. 10,000/-




 After careful consideration some modifications has been made by the government (work Department) by way of addition of Appendix -IX A in OPWD Code Vol II through OM 7885 dated 23.07.2013


Guidelines/Procedure to be followed in introduction of e-Procurement in Government of Orissa.( File No.FA.R,-3/08-1027/W., Dt.24.01.2009 of Works Department, Government of Odisha)





File No.FA.R,-3/08-8904/W., Dt.06.05.2008


Sub: Implementation of e-Procurement in the state – Constitution of State Procurement cell.

With the Objective of Supervision of the full roll oyut of e-procurement in the four major Engineering Departments i.e. Works , Rural Department, Water Resources and Housing and Urban Development, Government after careful consideration has been please to constitute  the” state procurement cell “ in Works Department with Engineer-in-Chief (Civil), Orissa as the Chief Procurement Officer”

       The State Procurement Cell shall have Engineers drawn from Works , Rural Department, Water Resources and Housing and Urban Development as full time members. The cell will also have representative from Law, Finance, and Information Technology Departments.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sd/- S.K.Ray

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               EIC-cum-Secretary to Government