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latest in circular (proposed amendments 20.04.2022

Clause-3 of Appendix-VIII of OPWD code Vol-II

1) Change in the limit of classes of contractor

2) Amendment to para 6.3.1 ( power to accord Administrative approval), para 6.3.2(power to accord technical sanction) and para 6.3.15(power to finalize Tender) of OPWD Code  Vol I

3) Amendment to note VII of para 3.5.9 of OPWD code Volume I (financial limit for resorting technical qualifications

4)Amendment to clause 36 of Appendix-IX of OPWD code Vol II

5) Amendments to Para 3.5.5(V) of OPWD Code Vol I

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.........Divisional Accountant & Divisional Accounts Officer.........

A post coming under the control of Comptroller and Auditor General in India...

OR better to say, under the administrative control of Accountant General

For the new entrants in this cadre, they are always in the state of dilemma as they are mostly unaware even of the some basic facts regarding the work and duties they will have to perform (except of some codal and bookish knowledge) and also about the situation they will have to cope with in the near future after the posting in the different works department in the absence of detail guidelines.

And for the regular members, the main problem(during the performance of their duty) is related  with working tools, i.e. absence of various circulars and manuals at the same place for which they have to wander at different websites and to consult a lot of books and codes.

So the main aim of this website is to create a single platform with the help of our fellow members to meet such requirements which will not only helpful for our cadre but also for every government servants from the different cadres.

So be generous to share the knowledge in the shape of different circulars and specially with your extremely valuable thing that is called knowledge.

Yours truely,


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Although utmost care has been taken in posting the facts/circulars/data at this website, the owner of the website does not claim for its accuracy at any level. User are requested to verify them  from relevant clause/codes before using them for official purpose. Also requested to inform me regarding any omission or errors.  - Admin


Bid security declaration (12.04.2022)

Performance Security Circular (12.04.2022)

SOPs for payment for works contract (03.03.2022)

Preferances for MSEs (17.01.2022)

Performance security circular (31.12.2021)

Bid security declaration (31.12.2021)

Provisions for blacklisting of contractors (26.11.2021)

Provisions for price adjustment (07.06.2021)

Bid security declaration (27.04.2021)

Performance Security circular (27.04.2021)

APS in case of abnormally low bid (05.04.2021)

Amendment to Para 6.3.2 of OPWD Code

Amendment to Para-3.5.5(v) of the OPWD Code Volume-1 APS only by successful bidder ) (20.09.18)

Amendment to Para-3.5.19(a)(b) of the OPWD Code, Volume-Security also as BG counter guaranteed(20.09.18)

APS from all bidders (03.10.17)

Blacklisting for non submission of APS (06.10.17)

codal contractual provision reg price adjustment in works contract 19.11.19

Codal provisions for blacklisting of contractors (12.07.18)

concession to SC and ST 30.08.18

contractor financial limit change 23.08.18

Deletion of provision foe EMD for machinery deployed outside state (OM 05.12.18)

Electronic Receipt, Accounting and Reporting of Cost of Tender Paper and Earnest Money Deposit on submission of bids. (05.12.17)

guidelines for eligibility or upgradation of contractors 23.08.18

insertion of CDMS Provision in OPWD

lnclusion of BOw string Girder Superstructure and Aerated Autoclaved (AAC) Fly Ash Btocks tltasonry work

in the Schedule of Rates-2006 for Schedule of Rates-2014 (17.03.18)

provision for offline EMD Amendment to Rule-14.3(v) in Appendix-lX(A) of OPWD Code Volume-ll.)(05.12.18)

provision of offline EMD 31.12.18

Reconstruction of a permanent rate board for SoR etc ( OM dated 15.12.18)

refund of tender paper cost for single tender 23.08.18

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